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Hello, I am loving pipedrive. the ease of use and flexibility on doc creation is superb. However, one downside which is very crucial is having a tax exclusive option when entering product prices. Now I am using the "no tax" option and then calculate tax manually. This is very painful.

While I am doing this, to be honest, I am looking for a replacement for pipedrive. For example see how zoho books handle this. I wish pipedrive does this !!

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  • Monica Bertolini
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    I second this! This is a MAJOR inconvenience to not have this option on Pipedrive. Having to manually calculate taxes and input them creates extra work and is not efficient. You have a discount option that automatically deducts an added percentage, so why not have a tax exclusive option so the tax percentage can be added and price can be auto-calculated by the system?

    We have a lot of products, and it is not efficient to create variations for each product with and without taxes, especially here in the US, tax rates are based on where the purchaser lives so it's not an acceptable answer to say we should create a variation for each tax rate. We would love to continue using Pipedrive for all our sales and CRM needs but this really makes things difficult. PLEASE prioritize this Product Management team.

    Thank you.