Evolve Pipedrive Podcast: #43 - Pablo Gallego, Mailshake

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Pablo Gallego, Account Executive at Mailshake talks to Bruce Bignell about how Mailshake helps your run your cold email campaigns, its key features and how it integrates with Pipedrive.

Mailshake helps you automate your cold outreach. They make it easy to connect with more prospects, book more meetings, and generate more sales.


- Introducing Mailshake

- How Mailshake & Pipedrive integrate

- Best use cases for Mailshake

- Top-tips for new users

- Best-practices for advanced users

Check out the Mailshake demo: www.weevolvebusiness.com/integrations/mailshake-pipedrive-integration-demo

Try Mailshake: https://mailshake.com/

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