Increase PUT/POST 10.000 daily limit

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We use Pipedrive API to automate our workflows and keep our sales team informed with up-to-date product information. However, we are facing an issue where we are approaching the daily limit of 10,000 PUT/POST requests. This limit is prohibiting us from updating our products as frequently as we need to keep our sales team informed, as we need to make at least daily updates.

While we are still able to update products and deals without hitting the limit, we feel it is only a matter of time before we do, which will affect our ability to automate certain features. We believe that accommodating users who are willing to pay for higher limits could be a potential revenue opportunity for the platform, and we hope Pipedrive can consider this option.

We understand the importance of API limits in ensuring the platform’s stability and security, but we also believe that the current limit is hindering our ability to use the platform to its fullest potential. We hope to bring attention to this issue and encourage other users facing similar issues to join us in raising its priority.

Overall, we appreciate the value that Pipedrive API brings to our business and hope that this issue can be resolved to better serve our needs.

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    Hi @Michel Rummens ; thank you for the feedback! Our team is looking into new strategies of tackling this need, so I converted your post to an idea for more visibility and so other users can contribute as well.