Problems with new UX update - it is not helpful, it is a step backward

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As previous users have stated, this new version results in there being far less info visible on the screen, hence much more scrolling is required. This wastes time and is inconvenient. There is now far too much wasted space and there is no need for the print to be so big. At the very least we should be able to adjust the print size in settings, to go back to how it was before for those of us working on many sales people do, and who are not shortsighted.

Excess scrolling is to be avoided at all costs, not only is it inconvenient and slow, it is a health risk and increases the development of repetitive strain injuries.

Also, as far as the focus goes, there is a perfectly adequate task list. Does anyone really need a big bold focus title? I find this stressful, not helpful at all, in an already stressful environment.

Did anyone really ask for these (in my humble opinion) very unhelpful, changes.... or is someone trying to reinvent the wheel here? And have the development team actually worked in the field? ... because some of the problems this new version has created are basic, especially for laptop users.


  • I am with you on this.

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    Great, that´s good to know, thanks!

  • Could not agree more.

    So many terrible changes, far from making it better. It is absolutely worse now.

    Deal titles take more space (why?) while LESS information is displayed in title / deal header:

    • LABELS GONE (now taking up space in sidebar, instead of being visible on top!)
    • VALUE GONE (now taking up space in sidebar, instead of being visible right away)

    The Summary sidebar is quite silly and useless, it's only effect is taking up space and pushing down other relevant sidebar boxes (like Organization). Even rearranging not of much help.

    Every single one of our active seats (15-20 FTE) had a negative experience today. Apart from disorientation more time is wasted in useless scrolling and navigation.

    Side note: Overall stability AND performance has been diminished remarkably as well.

    Overall: quite a disastrous change, definitely NOT an improvement.

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    Thank you! I´m so glad you feel the same way, and took the time to comment.

    I hope they will listen to us and undo these useless "improvements".

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi everyone; thank you for your feedback! Our product manager for this feature @Rene H has posted an answer concerning this update that you can find here

  • I am sorry, Manuel.

    But calling it a feature is absolutely not the right term to use.

    Also, while it is generally nice to at least see a response, I found the arguments used completely fabricated.

    In a nutshell, Rene H argues that information was moved around and distorted because Pipedrive's designers want to accomodate for users that use other applications (first listed: Gmail, even though Pipedrive has full email integration of e.g. Gmail?!? - so why on earth would this be a priority?).

    It simply does not make any sense:

    With all of our active seats (25+) we actually LIKED the previous layout and were happy with using Pipedrive in a way were pretty much all vital actions could be handled within Pipedrive.

    Simply do not understand why an internal design team would prefer to move their own product out of the way, especially to accomodate for other applications (Gmail!) that can actually be integrated.

    Just more proof that the design team is out-of-touch and has probably not actually spoken to high-volume users groups (feel free to look up the number of calls alone on our seats in the last few months) or users that work in the field with a laptop like AFGP.

    Please undo all these "features" and "improvements" - simply because they do not improve, but rather make the core product worse.

  • Pipedrive. You actually asked me months ago on a video call with two of your employees what I thought about the new deal detail view. I mentioned I didn't like the summary box for the reason others have stated, it takes up too much screen space, pushing everything below it further down the screen.

    To add insult to injury, you made the summary box the one part of the sidebar you can't hide or move. I told you all this on the call. Now others are saying the exact same thing.

    You need to start listening to your customers. I constantly feel ignored on the community forums, you want us to go to the trouble of providing feedback but hardly ever respond.

    It smacks of a culture of complacency and arrogance if I'm honest, particularly when you start telling us about your latest and greatest add-on to increase revenue, whilst allowing desperately needed and requested features to go years without addressing or fixing (per pipeline custom fields etc) for your core CRM product. And yes, I know it's coming at some point this year, but it's still taken years.

    Sorry to rant but for the love of God listen to your customers.

  • I also agree with the above comments that it feels like your design team don't understand the product from an end users point of view.

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    Thank you everyone for your feedback. We are taking the feedback into account, however, it is understandable that not all changes work for every workflow. We will surely have some updates to the new view based on recent feedback and incorporate more specific needs.