Ability to Organize Filters with folders and/or tags

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Currently if you have a lot of different filters to sort through your deals and activities, it can be hard to find the one you want. There's no way to hide filters that are not relevant to what you're trying to do. They're just sorted alphabetically in a long list. So you have to scroll through a long list.

Some of my filters are temporary just to quickly find a set of deals. Some of my filters are used on a daily basis. Each service category has different filters as well. Some are not used manually, but are filters used to trigger a Zapier action when a deal enters (matches) the filter. I don't need to see every filter all the time. I'd like to be able to collapse/expand to see only the filters relevant to what I'm trying to accomplish. It's nice that we can search filters, but that requires using specific words in the filter name. It would be much better to have filter categories and even better have custom tags as well.

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