Report on 'speed to lead/deal'?


Hello all!

I'm trying to find a way to report on 'speed to lead/deal' and am not sure quite how. I am able to find how to report on how long a deal is in a particular stage but it's always by whole days and I'd like it to be more granular (like minutes). Is there some way to do this that I'm not seeing?

For context/example: I want reps to reach out to a new deal ASAP - I don't want it to sit in that first stage of a pipeline for longer than an hour. Is there a way to find this info or will it only stick to days?


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    Hey, @Jessica De La Garza !

    As Pipedrive is based on activities, it’s in our logic that all stages normally include activities for its deals - and this wouldn’t be different for the first stage. As activities normally take longer to be accepted and therefore concluded, our reports our build under the prerogative that 1 day would be a reasonable minimum amount to have in the reports' duration.

    However, we completely understand the need of having the possibility to view the report by minutes and we will be happy to share this feedback with our Product Team, so that it can be considered in future improvements. You can also share this suggestion here, for enhanced visibility and so that other users can upvote it.

    Thank you :)