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How can I find delated leads? Not deals but leads?

We are using dedupely to merge LEADS, and if the lead is already delated then we have a problem with merging leads as an error keeps preventing us to merge two LEADS.

I did research here in community discussions, but could not find any solution to our problem.

Can you please help?


  • Tom Kmiecik
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    Hello, is there anybody here who can help?

  • Bahar
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    Our company also needs a way to list the deleted leads. Someone from the sales team may accidentally delete a real lead along with a bunch of junk leads and currently there is no way to figure that out in Pipedrive. We need a way to display the list of deleted leads periodically to scan for such cases.

    Pipedrive allows users to filter for all deleted "deals" but no such feature exists for leads. It also does not show Lead Status as a field if I try to create a filter condition myself.

    This makes our team feel uneasy about handling the Leads. Hope Pipedrive adds this feature soon.

  • Jose Seas
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    We are in same situation ... it seems that our sales agents have been deleting leads when they are not succesfull establishing a relationship, however, when that happens we lost tracking and there is no chance of understanding how much "junk" we got.

    The ability to delete leads should be something associated to a parameter, so the organization decides who may or may not delete leads (as happens with the fussion of duplicate leads).

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