Merge LEAD vs DEAL

Tom Kmiecik
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We had to build our own tool, which unables us to merge information between LEAD and DEAL.

For example.

You have an open DEAL, and one of your sales person is already talking to the customer.

Then, after some time the same customer fills some form and this creates you a new LEAD.

So theroretically, we have the same customer under LEAD and DEAL.

We have builded our own robot, which automatically archives LEAD and creates a note in an existing DEAL, that the customer filled the form again.

This prevents us that our sales people call the same customer on different levels.

If you are intrested in a tool, let me know here.

We have spend significant amount of the time to build it and happy to share with our solution for small $$$ monthly to recover the cost of this robot.

I hope administrator will not ban me here as this is a tool very much needed in pipedrive and as far as I know does not exist yet.