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I was wondering if Pipedrive allows stages to be moved automatically. For instance, I have a custom field and when the field "is not empty" I want the deal stage to be changed. Do you know if this is doable natively or through Zapier?

Thanks for your help in advance!

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    Hi Elise,

    Yes! You can do this natively through Pipedrive Workflow Automations.

    The "trigger" will be that the Deal was Updated.

    The "condition" will be that a field (in the screenshot example, I am using the Source field) is not empty.

    The "action" will be Update deal fields. You will reference the deal from Step 1, select the field, in this case Pipeline Stage, and then select the stage (in the screenshot example, I am using Intro Call Scheduled).

    Make sure you select whether this automation should be triggered only by you or by any user and set it to active.

    If you'd like to learn more about Workflow Automations or some more robust automations with Zapier, feel free to schedule a time to connect -