Evolve Pipedrive Podcast: #44 - Riaz Kanani, RadiateB2B

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Riaz Kanani, CEO and Founder talks to Bruce Bignell about how RadiateB2B helps you stop missing pipeline opportunities with intent data. Their intent data platform monitors company activity both on your website and across the internet to tell you who is in market today. Designed for small to medium sized companies selling to larger companies, we enable sales teams to maximise their pipeline generation. 


- Introducing RadiateB2B 

- How RadiateB2B & Pipedrive integrate 

- Best use cases for RadiateB2B 

- Top-tips for new users 

- Best-practices for advanced users 

Watch the RadiateB2B demo: www.weevolvebusiness.com/integrations/radiateb2b-pipedrive-demo

Get your own personal demo: https://radiateb2b.com/schedule-a-demo?source=evolve

Pipedrive Marketplace: https://www.pipedrive.com/en/marketplace/app/radiate-b-2-b/ea53e31adb12923f

Connect with Riaz Kanani on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/riazkanani  

Discover some of the best Pipedrive apps: https://www.weevolvebusiness.com/best-pipedrive-apps

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