Automatic EXPAND the NOTES in the Deal History

Bruno Costa
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Hi all,

It seems that Pipedrive has changed the behavior for the presentation of Notes in the feed of a Deal History - now by default they are collapsed, meaning to see the notes and quickly get up-to-date with the Deal's status you have to do extra clicks (sometimes in several Notes until you find what you need).

Pipedrive support said they are taking my feedback in consideration, and to give strength (hopefully) to it they asked to post here so the community could also pitch in on this particularly feature that was reverted.

Do you agree with me that having Notes being expanded by default is best?


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  • Eric Weddle
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    Yes, this is killing us. I can understand collapsing over 3 lines or something but showing 1 line is stupid and obnoxious.

  • Graham Cox
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    It depends how big the notes are I think. Maybe a global toggle to allow each user to specify if they should be expanded or collapsed by default. Or a setting on each note to override the global toggle perhaps?

  • Tyler Pipedrive
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    Anything happen with this?

  • Bruno Costa
    Bruno Costa Member Posts: 2
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    No, the behavior is still the same, I still have to go and manually expand all notes. Same with the screenshots I take.

    Some of us work with decent sized screens for optimized performance, and so this automatic minimization of the information and making it obligatory to keep clicking to expand the information was and is a bad UX change. :(

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Bruno Costa thanks for highlighting this. I will convert your conversation to a feedback post so other community members can upvote and share their experiences regarding this. This will also be forwarded to our developers for research.

  • guillaume.eckes
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    Hello, any possibility to fix this? It doesn't make sense to have only one line..

    Thank you