Our company has multiple labels within a lead and we want to send a bulk email to all, how??

Our company has multiple labels because many clients fit within or share categories. When I go to send a bulk email or email marketing email via Pipedrive, it deletes any lead that does not share the same criteria.

I.E. if I have a lead that has the labels: "open house", "community", "hot lead" it will show 0 leads if I choose 2 lead categories, just "open house", "community".

How do I filter so anyone that has 1 or more of the same labels show up so I can send out a bulk email that fit within many criteria without having to send emails out one label at a time, which ends up duplicating emails because leads are within more than one label??


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    Hey @Kelsey Forcier !👋

    You should be able to filter your Leads by Label like so:

    This filter would make it so any People who have a Lead containing both the COLD and WARM labels will be visible on the resulting list. It will work even if the Lead has an additional label not specified in the condition.

    If you are not seeing the same behavior, would you mind contact [email protected] so we can take a closer look?

    Hope this helps!