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Alex MacGregor
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My organization uses PipeDrive and we like the product.

However, there is some very basic functionality when it comes to reporting on products. If you have multiple products in a deal rather than allowing me to report on the various products when I go to export in that deal it just sums them all up and shows a total. This is a severe limitation. We have a work around where we enter all of the data twice in custom fields. While this work around is somewhat feasible it leads to a significant amount of pipeline hygiene issues (sales reps update it in one place but not the other).

It seems like such a basic feature... I am expecting a response saying we will tell our product team about this and then it will go nowhere (prove me wrong).

Has anyone had luck amalgamating this data? I am trying to find a consultant who can just build this report for me.


  • Josh Buesking
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    They are working on products currently, this has been brought up in past., good possibility it get's addressed.