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I really want to LOVE pipedrive. However, my biggest hang up is the price to actually add project management. I don't think it's fair to have to pay the price of a deals seat for someone who only needs access to the project. I don't even want my subcontractors to have access to deals.

We are a video production company. As of right now only my husband and I need access to the deals/sales pipeline. We use subcontractors for editing and creative directing. They have no need for the sales aspect and information. But we can't add them to projects. Instead, I have to pay for another tool for project management. Which of course isn't integrated. And don't get me started on integration, I have had so many issues with integrating apps for a seamless working experience. I want a one tool solution. As a small business owner, pipedrive isn't very supportive of that.

I feel like you guys are losing money off of customers that can't afford to dish out 70 some bucks a month per contractor. Instead I'm giving more than $8 a month to another tool.

At this point I'm actively searching for another alternative.

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    Hi @lmcclure

    Thanks for writing. I'm Mike, working on the projects area in Pipedrive.

    I hear you and I've heard the request before. At the moment the approach we've taken is specifically for the small business teams. When we interviewed those it turned out that the most common use case was where small business owners were both involved in the sales and the delivery.

    For this reasons we've build it this way. We have learned that there are indeed some companies like yourself which would need people on projects alone. We're discussing this at the moment but it's a technically complex and long work so we need to better understand it from our side.

    Could you tell me what tool you are trying to integrate in the meantime so perhaps our team can help you with this?

    So sorry that this answer might not be fully to your satisfaction, I'll share it with the team here as well.

    Have a great rest of the week