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We would like to set up mails notifications to owners as reminders when a project is about to start (start date) but as I went through that issue, it seems that this feature is not implemented, which is kind of strange for a project/delivery product.

Does someone would have a backdoor approach ?

Thanks !



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    Hello there, Rapha!

    Since Projects is quite a new feature, there are still some limitations when it comes to using them in Workflow Automations. Since "project created", "project updated" and "project deleted" are the only projects-related triggers for automations (as you can see here), sending an email based on the "start date" of a project is indeed currently not a possibility.

    As a workaround, we can use the delay feature for automations and set a specific amount of time after project creation date for owners to be emailed about a project, as a reminder, like this:

    Even though this might not be ideal given the fact that the amount of time between "project creation" and "start date" may vary, this might help. Also, we can use placeholders in this email for "start date", reminding the owner of the exact date that a specific project will start.

    Furthermore, you can add a "wait for condition" step to this automation and send a new email to the owner if the Project status hasn't changed within a specific amount of time after the first email is sent, like this:

    I hope this helps! Nonetheless, I will share your suggestion with our team and encourage you to also share it here for enhanced visibility.

    Thank you.