Subscription deal value should increase month to month!

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[ 1 ] It is crazy to me that the deal value is not automatically summed up based on the amount of monthly payments

If I have a client that pays $100 every month, and I have infinite cycles, meaning I have no idea when they cancel, the deal value over the period of 1 year is $1200. Not 0, and not $100 (Set recurring amount as deal value)

I don't want to go and manually update the deal value every month. This is quite ridiculous

[ 2 ] If there is an end date, you can see total revenue earned (which is literally the deal value over the period; why isn't there an option for that?!)

But it is even more ridiculous, because if the amount of cycles is infinite, you don't have that information! Only a start date. Obviously there can't be an end date, but what's the problem of showing total revenue earned to date?

[ 3 ] With infinite cycles, you can't end subscription, you can only cancel it (by clicking on " ... " next to the edit button). I'm not sure if there is any difference. If not doesn't matter, but still

I love your CRM and I hope you will change this behaviour soon. Let's make Pipedrive better

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    Just to reiterate on the above. The revenue section should be easier to modify for business models that have fluctuations in recurring revenue.