Compatibility between Word and Pipedrive notes

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I encountered a problem where I edit a text in word before I copy it into the notes in Pipedrive. These are simple bullet points and indentations. However, Pipedrive does not recognize the indentations and bullet points from Word and translated the indentations into spaces and the bullet points into symbols. You can have bullet points with indentations in Pipedrive, but it seems as if they are using a different system that is not compatible with the one Word is using. Since the majority of people are using Word as a text editor, I think ti would make sense to make the notes in Pipedrive compatible with Words editor. In the current version it makes more sense to copy the text from Word without any indentations since you have more work to do if you copy an edited text into Pipedrive's notes than if you just copy a block of text and edit it there. Anyhow, this results in double work and Pipedrive becomes another boring app you have to use that actually takes up time instead of streamlining your work. Saddage

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