Removing sales rep from "[x] PEOPLE IN THIS CONVERSATION" frame?

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Is there a way to remove the sales rep from my organization from showing up in the "[x] PEOPLE IN THIS CONVERSATION" frame? Or at least not make them the default displayed person?

I feel like Pipedrive didn't use to do this and now it's adding extra time and clicks to organize my communications.

For illustration, the screenshot below was taken from the mail tab and shows the sales rep in red and the prospect/customer in green.


  • It's more helpful to know whom the email is sent TO, not FROM. In smaller organizations, it's fairly obvious that I or a handful of people would have sent the email.
  • It adds an extra click when I'm organizing mail in Pipedrive, as the useful info is to see the customer/prospect and not the sales rep. When the customer is highlighted (instead of the sales rep), it's easier to see their associated organization, deals, and next activity. This also makes it easier to see if the prospect/customer already has a record in Pipedrive or if one needs to be created.
  • If you really need to know who from your org sent the email, you can see them in the frame between the email subject and email text. So the rep's name/email is already displayed on the page. A bit repetitious.


  • Alex L
    Alex L Member Posts: 2
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    UPDATE: It appears this was addressed though I don't remember seeing any news mentioning changes.