How Do I Convert Contacts Into Leads in Leads Inbox?

Derek Barker
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This is pretty tricky. Imported some test leads and they show up as contacts but when I went to import they didn't show up in Lead Inbox as I expected.

Not sure what's up with that but I hope I don't have to 1 by 1 convert them to "lead" :(


  • Kreete K
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    Hi @Derek Barker!

    Leads and Contacts in Pipedrive are different, so it is not possible to convert a Contact to a Lead. Lead has to always be linked to a Contact (Person or Organization) similar to a Deal and can be considered as a pre-Deal. You can have some more clarity on the differences here.

    However, you can import both Contact People and Leads all at once. It is just needed to map both fields in Import mapping (so to have Column for Contact info and for example for Lead title). You can see specifics about importing Leads here and about mapping here. If anything is still unclear, I suggest reaching out to our Support team via in-app chat. The team is able to see more info, like mapping and what was imported in the first place, to advise any improvements.