Evolve Pipedrive Podcast: #45 - Akhil K.S, Supermeet

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Bruce Bignell talks to Akhil from Supermeet about how Supermeet makes it easy for growing teams on Pipedrive to book meetings.

Supermeet is a scheduler designed specifically for Pipedrive. Features include: a personal & work calendar, team scheduler, advanced lead routing and analytics.


- Introducing Supermeet

- How Supermeet & Pipedrive integrate

- Best use cases for Supermeet

- Top-tips for new users

- Best-practices for advanced users

Watch the Supermeet demo: https://www.weevolvebusiness.com/integrations/supermeet-pipedrive-demo

Get your own personal demo: https://supermeet.ai

Discover some of the best Pipedrive apps: https://www.weevolvebusiness.com/best-pipedrive-apps



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