When do you create a deal?

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Hi all,

I just started using Pipedrive sales CRM. I was wondering when people typically create a deal in the CRM. For example, I've had a couple meetings with a potential client but we're not necessarily at the proposal stage yet. I'm assuming most don't create a deal until after the proposal?

Thanks so much for any insights!


  • inacyakup
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    Hello have a good days,

    From the moment you make a call with the client, you should use pipedrive CRM. You can track hundreds of deals using just one web page.

    Best Regards

  • Marco Govoni
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    I create a deal just after a Lead (managed with Lead Inbox) is available to a call, so I can track all stages.

  • Greg.R
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    Thank you for your answers. I'll try that method out!

  • Josh Buesking
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    I create a lead for everything.

    I do not create a deal until I start to put together a proposal.

    Reason for me is I like to see my win/lose on what I actually choose to persue and not everything that comes my way.

    I get lots of leads that just aren't a good fit and I don't want those to driving my win/lose down.

  • Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz)

    Read up on the 7 stages of sales pipeline design.

    It should cover all bases for you.