Notes on deal not showed in organization?

Marco Govoni
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Hi to all, I've noticed that if I write a Note inside a deal, this note is not showed on the organization view. Is it normal? Why?



  • Lucas MAGNE
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    If the organisation is linked to your deal, the note will be automatically into the organization.

    If not, the note will not.

  • PeterMeijer
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    I can't see any of my notes anymore. And when I create a new one, it does not show. But my colleagues can see them. Also the new ones.

    I can search in the notes via the search bar and read a part of it. But when I go to the deal it does not show up anymore. Good to know: I am linked to my organisation. And I created the deal. So I must be able to see it.

    Can anyone help me?

    Regards, Peter

  • evahteev
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    Same problem here, notes not shown in web app, while they are ok and shown on Mobile, please advise.