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I have a question on Subscription Revenue Reports for Payment Schedules. Suppose that I have two deals with payment schedules as follows:

Deal 1 (total deal value:1000 USD)

  • April 6th: $100
  • May 6th: $150
  • June 6th: $300
  • July 6th: $250
  • August 6th: $200

Deal 2 (total deal value: 900 USD)

  • April 6th: $120
  • May 6th: $150
  • June 6th: $140
  • July 6th: $190
  • August 6th: $150
  • September 6th: $50

For these two deals, I made a Subscription Revenue Reports as shown below.

It works fine because I can see each month's earnings; for example, I will earn $220 in April as follows:

  • $100 for deal 1
  • $120 for deal 2.

So click the 'April' item on the bar graph to see the actual breakdown of $220 in April's earning.

When I click the bar, the table for April just shows the total deal values instead of detailed payment schedules in April.

  • All I can see is that these two deals have a total deal value of $1000 and $900, respectively.
  • I cannot find any information about how we get the number $220 in April; that is, $100 for deal 1 and $120 for deal 2.

It seems that this feature is not supported yet. Many of my clients complains that this feature is very crucial for their business. Do you have any plan to support this feature?

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    This is very important thing!!!

  • Jordi
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    We should understand that this may not be as critical for Pipedrive as it is for their users.

    However, we still require the column for Revenue: Payment VALUES.

    Could you please confirm if our request will be addressed? Thank you.