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Developer should provide contact deactivation feature. In case Customer presently working in XYZ organization and after sometime if he/she change it and start to work with ABC Organization then we should be able to deactivate fist entry. If we label it as inactive then it will pop up in duplicate entry. If we delete contact then respective past records also get lost.

So If we inactive the customer then it should not reflect in duplicate section and past record also keep as it is.

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    I could be done (and it is already done in an other CRMs)..But not in Pipedrive yet. There is an need of support of one person in multiple organizations - which is not supported by Pipedrive😌 Then with adding of one more simple field for a note, you could add some additional information about this person-organization relationship, as for example "former employee" of Company A, CTO of Company_B etc.

    See this post:

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    Agree! PD needs an option "active/inactive" for contacts. Tag is not enough.

    In my case, organizations normally has institutional emails runs by different people over the years. For example:

    "" in 2017 my contact was Megan, in 2029 George, and 2023 Peter. I can NOT change the name every time, because then we get lost on what was discuss and agree with the person before at that scpecific time.

    I have to duplicate contact, edit manually each contact's name and put "N/A" at the end to identify that is no longer working there. But for making Automatizations or Filters i'm completely out of the game.

    Imagin how mess my emails history for this contact is. Even PD doesn't knows who send what and when :S

    About the merge notifications I just ignore them.

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    I use the simple solution in the name field after the last name, examples:

    First Last BAD EMAIL

    First Last DEPARTED

    First Last RETIRED