Anyone else having trouble with Automations based on Deal Lost Reasons?

Fayette Levi
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I would like to be able to trigger actions based on what Lost/Closed reason I select when marking a deal Lost. It seems the "Lost reasons" are disconnected with the rest of the Data Fields and not available in the same manner, as in you cannot select this field for use and then be displayed a dropdown list like other multi optioned fields. An example use case, when a deal is marked "Lost-Not Customer Priority" I would like to trigger this opportunity to come back as a Lead in 90 days to attempt to reconnect with the prospect to see if the timing better aligns, knowing its already a qualified lead. This seemingly simple automation doesn't appear to be able to be done with the current tool. Help!


  • Amit Sarda (

    I don't see any challenges configuring this.

    Perhaps your configuration is incorrect.

    Feel free to get in touch:

  • Nicholas Faz
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    Hello Fayette,

    When setting up the automation, make sure that your lost reasons are locked down so that your users have to choose a specific lost reason. When you are making the automation the condition should read "[Deal lost reason] [is/has changed to/etc.][*Your Lost Reason*]".

    Now *Your Lost Reason* should be typed in and match EXACTLY what your lost reason option is. The same spacing, upper/lowercase, everything needs to match. I would suggest copy and pasting.

    Let me know if you have trouble with it.


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