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Hello! Happy Friday! ☀️

Thank you everyone for attending our April 12th webinar. We heard your questions during our event and we want to make sure that you get the answers you need! We had a lot of great questions, but unfortunately time ran short and we weren't able to answer them all live. To make sure that you get the answers, we have compiled all the unanswered questions and answered them here.

  1. Are there courses for beginners on Pipedrive? We have a phenomenal 'Getting Started" course that is great for beginners.
  2. When creating templates. How do I create a space for the contact's name to be pulled in? When creating a en email template, you have the oppurtunity to select fields to act as placeholders within your email template Click on the “Insert field” button in the Send email promo, and select the Pipedrive field you wish to insert – like Name or Owner – to insert that value into your email.
  3. Stacey, I checked out the Learn tab and webinars, I couldn't find anything about creating custom queries/filters for the Deals tab. Is there a webinar on that? Here is a video about creating filters and custom fields.
  4. How to add a video file in email campaigns? You can drag and drop a video block to include within your Campaigns message
  5. Copying automations to other accounts? Is that possible? You can currently duplicate a workflow within the same Pipedrive account.  It is not yet possible to copy an automation into a completely different and separate account. I can submit this as a feature request on your behalf. 
  6. How do I create bespoke email templates for automation? You have the opportunity to select an email template to be sent or you can craft a personalized email to be sent to your recipient using an automation.
  7. How do you see if someone has opened an email? "When you’ve sent an email with these options enabled, you’ll be able to check in on this information within the sent email itself in the Mail tab. The sender can also view the information in the detail view by hovering your mouse over the associated open and link icons. You’ll also receive a notification in the Sales Assistant. Once an email has been opened or a link has been clicked, the icon will become opaque and hovering over the icon will provide information about when the email was opened or when the link was clicked.
  8. I noticed you had a on-boarding and a success pipeline. Is this through a ticking pipeline or how is that flow configured? "Pipedrive comes with a basic sales pipeline that outlines a straightforward sales flow. As deals move through these stages, you’re given a visual overview of where your items are in the sales process. However, you can add stages and customize the titles of those stages, creating a pipeline unique to your sales process or which workflow you wish to visualize each step.
  9. Apologies, I put this in the chat. In the Automation "Send email using template". Where can I find the "Follow up" template and edit it accordingly? You would first need to create this template to be able to use it. You can do this first within your Sales Inbox. Go to send an email, once you have added text to the body, you will then have the option to save the draft as a template
  10. I don't see the Campaigns app in the permission sets. Once an account has the Campaigns add on enabled, you can locate permissions sets directly for Campaign admin users and Campaign limited users.
  11. Can you use the Campaign email template to send to one customer or do I need to use/create the people filter, etc? You would need to create a filter to select this particular recipient.
  12. What is 2FA? 2FA is Pipedrive login authentication function, to confirm and assure accurate and secure user logins.When enabled, logging in to Pipedrive will prompt an email to be sent to the email address you use to log in to Pipedrive with a verification link that will allow you access to your Pipedrive account.
  13. Does Deal routing to sales reps by loactions available inside Pipedrive? At the present time, Deal Rotting is set by the Deal stage.
  14. Do the 'potential deals' get a lead score? Not directly within Pipedrive, you can build a lead score yourself to apply. This would be a great function and would be useful as a feature request.
  15. Can one set up master automations for all Sales Reps? Yes.  
  16. Can you export an email campaign? This functions is not directly available. 
  17. Several people are asking about syncing outlook contacts- could you walk us thru it? There seem to be some new updates from Micorosofts side that is changing the way some contacts are being imported into Pipedrive
  18. How do you disable automation for a specific deal, individual, action etc.? You would have to manually turn off the automation affecting the deal, contact or activity or create an automation that does not meet the conditions to add the particular deal into the workflow automation. 
  19. Can an automated email action include a "Propose Times" for meeting) that fits the period of when the automatic email is sent ? Yes, by including a Scheduler link within the message sent.
  20. Is there a way to automatically add a google voice text sent to the customer to their deal? I am not aware of a workflow that would assist with this. 
  21. Thanks for answering previously!  I may be doing something wrong then.  When I open automations it says that I do not have the required permissions. Am I going about this the wrong way? You might not have privileges to access these features as a 'regular user' within your Pipedrive account.
  22. Can we actually save these pdfs/documents in Pipedrive, the tool? like a Pipedrive database, or can we only upload them from the cloud - same to the document templates- can we send it as a pdf attachment to a customer from Pipedrive directly? You can connect to cloud storage using the Smart Docs add on, you can also load and connect pdf, files and attachments to your deals and or contacts within Pipedrive
  23. Can you add multiple conditions to one automations workflow? There is no limit toward the amount of conditions that can be added to one workflow. However, it would be important to not overcomplicate the conditions added to your workflow as this would reduce the changes of it being triggered. 
  24. when an email should be in two separate pipelines, I usually bcc those two specific pipedrive emails. But Pipedrive chooses one of them and links the email to that deal. How is it possible to link an email to two separate deals from different pipelines with the bcc tool ? You would need to use the deal specific BCC for deals to have the system specify both deals as separate entities connected to the separate email For example: the same email appearing on both deals, &
  25. I would really like to know if you can copy automations to different Pipedrive accounts (organizations). TY! You can currently duplicate a workflow within the same Pipedrive account.  It is not yet possible to copy an automation into a completely different and separate account. I can submit this as a feature request on your behalf. ⬇️⬇️⬇️


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    1. I am new to pipedrive, would like a little more basic training.. We have a phenomenal 'Getting Started" course that is great for beginners.
    2. How do you set the frequency in the contacts timeline? To enable follow-up frequency in your contact's timeline, click on the pencil icon and toggle the feature on. Once enabled, use the slider to set how often the contacts displayed in that list should be contacted – from weekly to annually. When selected, the circular icon will change to display how many contacts require follow-up, based on your chosen parameter. Once you know how many contacts need your attention, you can begin scheduling activities, deals, or notes with those contacts.
    3. will you give the chance to delete "active" automated campaigns? This option should become available soon!
    4. Can you use the campaign templates for email automations? Yes. Campaigns are use for more sophisticated and polished emails communication vs simple plain text emails sent via the email sync in the Sales Inbox
    5. I get a message that I don't have permission for automations.  What do we need to do? If an automation was set to auto reply for you, it would send a reply on your behalf. If there is not automation set up for you, you can send a manual message. 
    6. Can I use the click on a link in an E-Mail as a trigger for an action (e.g. sending another e-mail)? Yes. Only when an email template has been selected to be used and tracking is enabled for the link
    7. Will Pipedrive ever have the option to only select certain users for automations? Not just all or one? The fairly new Automatic assignment update may be helpful as it utlizes a Round Robin concept to assign items to Pipedrive users
    8. Is the livechat reference in automations coming soon? Ex: Getting a notification in slack when a lead uses website livechat Will submit this as a feature request on your behalf!
    9. When will google apps for business email aliases be supported.  I'd love to use email automations, but at this time we cannot because this feature is not available. Big news coming on this,
    10. What is the benefit of using PD template over integrating Mailchimp? Some of the known limitations with using Mailchimp, would be not having visibility over your email reporting after each email is sent. Exprt
    11. Why does the email opening tracker Also count if I open the email for example to follow up or from my mail box connected to Pipedrive? The tracking pixel can be unintentionally triggered by the opening of a tracked email through the Sent folder of your email client. To avoid triggering a false open alert, stay within Pipedrive for the purposes of sending and opening your tracked emails. Opening up the email from the Sent folder of your email client will also trigger that tracking pixel.
    12. Can I please have this video that has been recorded You should have received an email but here is easy access to the link
    13. can you automate an archived lead to enter a specific campaign after 30 days Yes :)
    14. how do you remove duplicates Use the merge duplicates feaure or De-Dupley. or
    15. Can these automations and campaigns be configured based on custom fields? Yes. That would be directly connected to a custom field no longer being empty or recently changed
    16. Can I set these automations for other peoples deals? I'm here to get everyone using the Pipe drive and doing their job correctly haha Yes, you can set automations to be triggered by a speific user, yourself, or the entire account.
    17. Can I set an e-mail reminder for an activity to be sent to the contact person one day before the activity? The Workflow Automation cannot pro actively remind another person outside of Pipedrive about a date. However, a date type of custom field can be used to send a email to person outside of Pipeprive. For example, if a meeting is on April 26, a Pipedrive user would have to manually enter in April 25 to set up a reminder to be sent to that person based on that date being entered.
    18. Can we use HTML-based emails? Not within the email sync, however the option is available using the Campaigns tool
    19. Can you trigger an archived lead to enter a campaign after a set amount of time? Using the delay feature,
    20. Can jpegs be added to emails? Yes, using the attachment option
    21. Is there an option "triger for specific users"? You showed "triger by me only" and "trigger by any user" options. Thank you This would be available under conditions.
    22. When using templates, can you send an email to multiple customer contacts? Yes, using the Group Email option
    23. Could you touch on the Step Options section please? The Step Options allow you to link the next action directly the accomdatins tile. For example, Undersanding that a lead owner could be a different owner when the lead converts into a deal. 
    24. if you already have a list of customers in pipedrive then decided to add campaigns, can you go back to subscribe to these customers? You would still need each of these potential subscribers to double opt in.
    25. There's a lot of settings for the automations but it's not clear what they are all for. I looked at the Help Centre and couldn't find the info I was looking for. Where can I get training or find information on ALL the settings that are possible to customize when creating an email automation? Here

    Have a nice day!