About having different chatbot playbooks for different actions

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First of all, a simple introduction: I am not a programmer, I am from sales and marketing.

I have 3 or 4 WordPress forms implemented in our website. We use them to collect leads that later we move to Pipedrive Prospects manually. So, I want to implement the Pipedrive tools to create the prospects and leads in a better way with the minimum amount of manual work.

Here you can find a couple of examples of our forms:

-A standard contact us form implemented in our "ABOUT US" section to capture general questions. (https://baroig.com/contacto/)

-Then, in each product/solution/service we have implemented 2 or 3 different buttons that pop up different forms, for example: "Asking for a Quotation", "Asking for a Videocall", "Asking for a visit of our specialist" and some others (https://baroig.com/prevencion/yellowgate-puerta-de-seguridad-abatible-de-cierre-automatico/#spu-open-9002)

With this in mind I was investigating about Pipedrive forms, I did a couple of tests until I realize that the forms are ok but they don't let me generate playbooks or routes that are useful for me to send the lead/prospect to different persons inside our organization or collect this or that information based on customers needs. I did some research and I saw that maybe the chatbot is the solution if I can configure it in a way that pops up different playbooks in case of different actions inside my webpage. I find out that there is an API that can wake up the bot when the user clicks on a certain button but I can't understand if its possible to wakeup different playbooks depending on the button that the user clicks.

Can you please help me to clarify if it is possible or maybe ther is a better way to do what I need to do? Thanks a lot for your help. Have a nice day.

BTW: I also have a PD chatbot implemented on my webpage.


  • Marina Mendez
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    Hola @Darío Rojo ! Si necesitas a alguien que te ayude con esto y quieres empezar a optimizar más tu funnel, puedes agendar una llamada conmigo: https://equiposremotos.com/pipedrive

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    Hey, @Darío Rojo!

    You can have more than one webform and, therefore, you can create a different webform for each of those paths.

    Chatbot can be called/waken via Javascript, so that is a possibility. That said, you might need someone with knowledge on this in order to set this up on your end.

    I hope this helps!