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I asked about this in the chat, and they sent me here to make the suggestion. I can see that it is a topic beeing asked for several times over several years...

Why on earth isn't the only way to "share" deals without beeing drowned in information from the whole team/company an option that is beeing prioritized?

We have several individual deals, and then we have some "everyone in the team should follow and pitch in and watch the deadline on this deal" and those we'll only see when filtering "all owners" and that drowns the screen with unnecessary data.

Please, please, please prioritize this one little filter...

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    We need this as well!!!

    We're a team of 10 who all 'share' responsibility on different deals. Filtering by ONLY owner or everyone doesn't work for us. We've also tried custom filters, but there is no Field for "Following" and the other fields don't achieve the needed result.

    Please add this. :)