Turn Off Leadbooster Section - Remove Campaigns and Projects icons

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Hoping someone can help here.

I am not interested (at the moment ) in Leadbooster nor am I interested in the Campaigns or Projects which are all paid service options.

I would like the option to hide these as they are just eye graffiti to me that I don't want, and, I don't need to be reminded constantly about paid services that are available.


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  • Josh Buesking
    Josh Buesking Member Posts: 151
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    I use a browser extension called "click to remove element".

    It will hide the css so you don't see it.

  • JM-S4i
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    Nice one Josh, thank you.

    Will give this a try for sure.

    I still believe that as paying service users we SHOULD NOT be subjected to endless advertising of additional paid features and especially having them located right in amongst the every-day options that I use. Put them elsewhere if needs be, like in the "more" section!


  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @JM-S4i , thank you for your feedback! I am converting your conversation to a feedback-type post so that this is visible to our product team, and that other users can also upvote this idea and share how they feel about this.