How can I automatically send the webinarinformation to pipedrive?



we want automatically send the participants, who have participated or who have been registered but not participated into pipedrive.

Has someone any idea, how we can do it. Do we need Zapier?

Or is it possible to do it directly between pipedrive and zoom.

thank you very much for any ideas.

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  • Hi , @Angelika.Scheibe

    if Zoom can send information for people who register and people who join the webinar via two different webhooks, then this automation can be done through the LeadBox app. He can get the information through the app and then match the contacts and offers in Pipedrive based on the email address. For people who have joined, it will be possible to update a special field in their deal and move it to the next stage of the pipeline.

    But I couldn't find any such information about webhooks in Zoom's knowledge base.

    If you get more information about the webhook in Zoom, I will be happy to provide more information about the functionality and capabilities of the LeadBox App

  • Angelika.Scheibe
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    Hi Olena,

    I have heard, that we could use Zapier as software between Pipedrive and any other software. Is LeadBox similar to that?

    I don't know, how we could get the participants data out of Pipedrive. I can do it manually with Excel-Export, where I have a csv-file and then I see, who participated or who just registered but didn't join.

    Thank you very much so far for your help and ideas.

    This seems to be really tricky. I am astonished, that no other company has such questions ;-)

    Kind regards