Best PipeDrive Practice for Managing Duplicate Contacts/Organizations? (Without external apps)

Luke Jajou
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PipeDrive users, what's your best way to handle duplicate contacts without relying on external apps. My issue with external apps (such as dedupely) is that they require full access to sensitive deals, and we aren't comfortable giving information to a third party.

I'm running into some organizations with very similar names that are constantly being synced from 3 different outlook sources. We prefer to sync from outlook, because outlook is much better for our work flow.
I've spent hour after hour merging contacts from the different sources only to have contacts duplicated again and again everytime we perform an outlook sync. 

This is a huge thorn in my side as deals and phone calls are constantly being linked to the wrong contact as well as linked to the wrong organization.


I am aware of the existing pipedrive 'merge contacts'/'merge organization' feature but it is very flawed.

More often than not, the pipedrive duplicate detection fails to screen a large chunk of duplicates and would be extremely helpful if we could tweak some of the detection parameters.
it'd be nice if we could choose to search duplicates by email, by phone number, by field similarity, by address



  • Clarissa Silvino
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    Hello, Luke.

    Thank you for bringing this up to our attention. Also, it would be super good to understand a bit what you mean by the merge feature being flawed - we are super opened for feedbacks and it'll be good to investigate this.

    Moving forward, have you tried to contact our Support team too? Just to confirm, because if you feel the need to add more fields to be available as the rule, this can be done and our team will help you to change this as it is better to your workflow.

    You can always email us to if needed.

    Have a great day.

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    You can either


    1- do it in excel before you upload into Pipedrive

    2- Use the pipedrive merge tools to combine once the records are in pipedrive. 

  • Bronson Coutts
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    Hmmm, I have a similar issue but in reverse.  PD manages duplicates well in my experience, however the native sync between Outlook & PD results in MANY duplicate versions within Outlook but only one copy in PD. 

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