Community hygiene - how to suggest topics that should be merged?

Jake Kushner (JLK)
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Hey Pipedrive Community team,

What's the right process when you've found several threads on the forums that are about the same topic? Is there a specific person to tag when a few feature request threads are similar and should be merged? Super happy to help with this if there is a way to crowdsource and make the job of managing duplicate content easier :)

cc @Inês Batata and @Manuel Oliveira



  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Jake Kushner (JLK) , feel free to tag me (@Manuel Oliveira) if those posts concern feature requests and those posts will be reviewed.

    We are already merging and concentrating identical requests by different community members so that the community looks cleaner over time, and our product teams can look through feedback and feature requests faster. We appreciate tagging any duplicate requests you find, as this speeds up the process 🙂