Accounting Firms/Visibility Groups/Different Teams

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Hello All, I'm curious if there are any accounting firms that have a great default setting for contact management and teams organization/visibility groups.

Conceptually, it makes sense for "Partners" to be the parent group, and then teams below that (Tax, Assurance, Valuations, Grants etc.). For example for contact management, what if partners want to share cell phone contact information only with other partners?

How have people found the best way to share and enforce contact management across a company so that there aren't duplicates? or should there be separate contacts for each team?


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    Hey, @Michael_TW!

    Pipedrive does not have default settings for visibility groups, so if other users do not share their setups in this thread, my suggestion is for you to go through this explanation and reach out to our Support Team to share further details of your operation and try to put pieces together in order to form the best visibility settings for it.

    I hope this helps :)