Automation to link contact to new deal

Has anyone figured out how to link a contact to a new deal when setting up an automation to create a deal from an existing organization/contact?

For example, right now I'm importing contacts/organizations from a manually scrubbed lead spreadsheet and then have an automation setup that creates a new deal when a couple organization fields are updated. I'm trying to then link a contact to that deal so that I can then have an email automation sequence kick off after the deal is moved to a future stage. However, I can't figure out how to link a contact to this deal in the first automation so that the contact will be there to drive the email in the second automation. Any guidance? Thanks!


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    Hey, @CharlieParker7!

    Due to the fact that organisations and deals do not share the contact person field, when using the "linked person" field when setting up an automation to create a deal from an update inside an organisation, we do not have selectable options to automatically setup the contact person of that deal based on details from the organisation.

    A workaround in this case would be to select a default contact person to that deal and setup a third automation that warns you everytime a deal with that specific contact person is created. You can then access that deal and manually add the contact person you want to have linked to that deal.

    This involves some manual work depending on the amount of triggers of that third automation, but sounds like the best alternative having existing limitations in mind. I hope this helps, but feel free to reach out to our Support Team for further assistance if needed :)