🚀 Our new, advanced CloudTalk and JustCall integrations have landed!

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Good news! Our new, advanced CloudTalk and JustCall integrations are here, allowing you to unlock your sales team's full potential! Supercharge your sales team's efficiency, eliminate manual dialing and streamline your sales communications for maximum impact.

With the new advanced integrations, you can now:

  • Seamlessly make and receive calls and SMS within Pipedrive
  • Run automated dialing campaigns with Pipedrive lists
  • Enrich contact data with call recordings, SMS, and more
  • Access and manage calls from any device
  • Boost revenue and productivity while reducing sales burnout


Available now! Integrate today to unlock your sales team's full potential.

How to Start:

Follow the instructions for each app to Integrate CloudTalk and JustCall 

Integrate CloudTalk                                                                     Integrate JustCall


  • Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz)
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    Been recommending JustCall to my clients and they are very happy.

    If others reading this thread are looking for other options, do check out this article for a comparison between various apps.

  • Graham Cox
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    I started using cloudtalk integrated with Pipedrive about 2 months ago. Does the above add further functionality? Do I need to upgrade my installation?

    Thank you.


  • Martin Miersch
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    We're genuinely thrilled about the CloudTalk and JustCall integrations, which undoubtedly enhance our sales efficiency by kapio. However, we've identified a couple of areas for improvement:

    1. The inability to add extensions within Leads is a significant concern for us. This limitation hinders JustCall from displaying their panels in this crucial area. Considering how vital the dialing feature is in lead management, we believe it's important that this functionality is properly integrated. A solution would be to equalize the treatment of Leads and Deals within Pipedrive. We're confident that such an improvement would not only streamline our workflow but also help Pipedrive stand stronger against Lead-oriented CRMs that currently have this upper hand.

    2. We've noticed an issue with the JustCall microphone on our Macbooks. It activates unexpectedly, causing our headphones to constantly switch modes. We'd appreciate a fix that ensures the microphone only turns on when necessary.

    We look forward to improvements in these areas. Thanks for all your hard work!