[Closed] Google calendar-sync: User testing on private activities/events 🗓️🔒

Vincent Jyrwa
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Edit: Since we received a good number of interested users already, we will close this research call for now. Stay tuned for news in the community on this topic.

Hi all,

We are looking for Pipedrive users who have synced in the past or are currently syncing their Google/Gmail account with our calendar-sync functionality. We're specifically looking for Google users if possible! :)

We are exploring the issues of privacy (ie. private/public events) and we'd like to test some design solutions and get your feedback on them. If you'd like to help us, please book a 30min slot on my calendar either on 5th May, 8th May or 9th May -> <link removed>

This call will be done via video call on Google Meet.

Looking forward to speaking with you.