Won Deal from Sales to Account management

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Hello everyone,

We use pipedrive to manage the acquisition of users as well as the onboarding and account mgmt. I am concerned because I cannot mark a deal as won and then move it to another pipeline.

I tried to build some automations but if I flag a deal as WON, I need to reopen it to work on it on the Account Mgmt pipeline, so I cannot have insights and benefit from the reporting.

The support representative suggests duplicating the deal and reopening the duplicate or marking the duplicate as won and reopening the original deal in a new pipeline.

I am asking for suggestions on how to work with pipedrive for both sales and account management purposes



  • Paul Minors
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    Hi Matteo,

    I agree that you do not want to move the deal to a new pipeline as this will screw up your reporting (e.g. deal conversion funnel). You could create a new deal on a second pipeline and you could automate this using the workflow automation features (requires the Advanced subscription or higher). Or, I would suggest using the Projects feature. So when you win a deal, you could auto-create a project from a template and use this to manage client onboarding.

    Hope that helps!