Revenue Feature: To be reliable, it would require filtering option.

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I really want to love the revenue feature. However, I believe it is lacking a crucial component. There is currently no ability to sort or filter deals by total reoccurring revenue/subscription values. Because of this, there is no way for check your records for accuracy, rendering the feature unreliable.

You may have 200 deals.. if you want to efficiently find out if any of them are missing revenue values (if someone forgot to add) OR if you want to see if any of your deal's total revenue/subscription value doesn't match the Deal Value, it would be impossible.

Making matters worse, there is no way to set the revenue option as required/important.

The following would be required in order for the revenue feature to be reliable:

1)Ability to filter/sort total revenue/subscription values on Deal List View.

2) Ability to set Revenue as a required field/important field.

3) Fix broken check box feature: Lets say you created a payment schedule and later decided to change it. If you edit an existing payment schedule and check the box to "Set total amount as deal value" it does NOT correct the deal value, which is misleading and problematic.

🚩 I hope Pipedrive may find a way to easily and quickly add/fix these components so that we may use the Revenue feature for both of our companies.

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    Thank you, @BrennaGabrielle! I have recorded your feedback for the future. We will be exploring the topic of subscriptions later this year and we will send you an invite to the interviews as well.