Have tabs for the fields in the Deal Page

Neuro Chambers
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Be able to allocate the fields within the left hand column in a Deal to be categorised and then the left hand column can be tabbed so you can have several shorter lists of info rather than 1 long list as it currently is.

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  • Graham Cox
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    Yes to this. Even with custom fields per pipeline, I still find it very hard to find the field I want. Too much scrolling. I end up using Ctrl + F a lot. Collapsible headings/groupings of related custom fields would be great.

    Also it would be great if we had the ability to only show certain custom fields if another field is populated or has a certain value etc

    Also filter A-Z, Z-A, only populated fields, only unpopulated fields etc.

  • Andrew Earles
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    yes this would be great