Looking at a Pipedrive+M-Files (leading EDMS solution). Who has a success story here to share?

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There is one instance of a Pipedrive + M-Files (leading EDMS solution) integration from about 7 months ago that I am aware of in Finland. Who can attest to the success of this or any other successful, currently active Pipedrive+M-Files integrations out there in the community? Thanks in Advance


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  • David Gurr (Make.com)
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    We don't have a specific connector with M-Files (though it's possible to connect to their REST API using our generic HTTP connector). As a result, I don't have any specifics to share.

    Make can connect Pipedrive to any REST API service - you're not limited to just the 1,400+ services that we have pre-built Apps (connectors) for.


  • Manuel Oliveira
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    @Amit Sarda - Pipedrive Consultant - AmitSarda.xyz and @David_Gurr_Make are you aware of any existing integration that could help here?

  • Hi Folks,

    I overlooked this when it was posted back in May, but thought it was still worth responding. I work with SaaShop, a Pipedrive Elite partner, and I formerly started the US business and ran global marketing for M-Files for over ten years. I know the company and solution very well.

    If you are not aware, M-Files is metadata-driven, so rather than putting files in folders you tag files with metadata and relate them to objects, things like Customers, Deals, Contacts, and so on. This way content can show up dynamically and intuitively in the context it is expected. This solves a conundrum with traditional content management systems, i.e., what if content is needed in more than one context? In a traditional system you have to duplicate it, or create some sort of shortcut that points to the file. In M-Files, one just adds another tag or relationship, so a file can show up whether you are looking at a Deal or a Customer, but it could also be a Contact, or a Project.

    We are also working on an integration that is intended to serve both existing M-Files customers that will have production configuration of M-Files they are already using, as well as Pipedrive customers looking for an innovative content management solution. These Pipedrive customers, of course, won't have an existing M-Files configuration, so we want to expose them to M-Files in a fashion that fits seamlessly into their Pipedrive-based process.

    If you have a customer or prospect that falls into either category, we'd be very happy to help. We're not quite ready with the out of the box integration, but we can work directly with a potential customer on a custom integration.

    Let me know, but you will be hearing about this more in future as we launch the production integration.