Feature request: Add person as deal participant in automation

Graham Cox
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I'd love the ability to add a deal participant via an automation. Or alternatively, the option [checkbox etc] to set any new person added to a custom person field on the deal as a deal participant.

Here's my use case which I imagine would apply to lots of other users:

I'm a mortgage broker. Leads come into PD via a typeform on my website as a deal. Eg Joe Bloggs deal. When I speak to Joe, he might want to get a mortgage as a joint application with a second person. I add the second person to the person details associated with the deal in a custom person field called Applicant #2. Eg Joe Bloggs person details view has an applicant #2 custom person field.

But I have to manually add Applicant #2 as a deal participant. I use Deal participants as a merge field in smart docs when sending the client's compliance documentation so it would be good to automate it to save time.

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  • Joseph Valenti
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    Good day Graham

    I am a mortgage broker too (based in Montreal). I also run a Pipedrive consultancy called PipedriveExperts.com.

    The capability you seek can be realized using a customized process involving an external automation tool.

    The devil is in the details, but we have done this kind of thing for many clients, and we would be happy to undertake this project for your team.

    I am confident that could complete this work for you inside of 10-days for a one-time charge of about $2.5k. Thereafter your ongoing cost would be a trival $10/month.

    I invite you to schedule a video-call with me using the following link:


    Thank you for your consideration.

    Joseph Valenti