Leads disappearing from lead inbox

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Hey all,

My reps (and myself) have been running into an issue in Pipedrive leads inbox.

  1. Click on unopened lead in lead inbox
  2. Click out of the lead without inputting additional information
  3. Lead disappears from lead inbox. Lead is still visible in "Search Pipedrive" as a recent lead and it opens up fine, but has otherwise disappeared from the inbox.

Important note, the lead has not been converted into a deal nor has it been deleted. It simply disappears from the inbox after closing out of that specific lead's details.

The issue is not replicated where only one lead exists in the inbox. However, it occurs every time there are 100+ leads allocated. If an associated activity has been scheduled, it will appear in the activities section, but will not appear in leads inbox (despite the lead not having been deleted, moved elsewhere, nor converted to a deal. It appears nowhere in the system outside of "recent leads" in the search box.


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    Hi @Christos_B

    This sounds like something that our Support team should investigate further. Please reach out to the team directly via in-app chat or email support@pipedrive.com. If they are not able to replicate it from their side, it might be needed to provide a short video of the behavior also. Thank you!