Current customers, sending forms to collect further information.

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We survey our customers bi-monthly while they participate in a year-long program. We currently use Google Forms but would like to see if there is an option to collect this info within Pipedrive and then auto-save into Google drive.

The Pipedrive service recommendation was web forms, but now that we are trialling it, it is clunky and doesn't allow us to do what we want to do. For example "From 1-10 what is your current confidence level with ____" and then we ask this same question bimonthly to monitor the change.



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    Hi @hb

    Indeed, our Web Forms are initially meant to bring in new Leads, have people sign up on your web page, etc, so possibly not the best option for different surveys. Maybe you can check out some Forms we have direct integrations with to find the best solution? They are all listed on our Marketplace here:

    I don't have a personal recommendation for this but hope someone who is using a similar setup can also advise here.