[Closed] Help us help you BUILD BETTER APPS: Share your feedback in our survey!

EDIT: The survey is now closed, thank you for your input.


I want to invite you to participate in our first Developer Success survey📋️. We seek feedback from people who built, are currently building, or plan to build an app/integration with Pipedrive.

The survey aims to understand how we at Pipedrive can better support you in building high-quality apps. It should take at most 5 minutes of your time.

⬇️ If you can spare the time, please add your input here.

⏰ The survey is open until June 2nd.

Thank you in advance — we really appreciate it. Every bit of input helps.



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    We value the opportunity to provide feedback and contribute to the improvement of the platform and also submitted the survey form.

    In addition to the survey, we would like to express our interest in having access to statistics that can help us understand the demographics and characteristics of Pipedrive's customer base. This information would greatly assist us in tailoring our app/integration to better meet the needs and preferences of Pipedrive users.

    Furthermore, we would like to suggest the implementation of built-in app monetization options within Pipedrive. This would enable developers to generate revenue directly through their apps, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem for both Pipedrive and its developers.

    Thank you for considering our suggestions. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Pipedrive and contributing to its success.

    Best regards,


  • Hello @AppMonks, thanks for your insightful comments (and partnership). We are taking all of the suggestions seriously. I am adding here @Elina Meister who is planning further development. Would you mind if we reach out to you in the future and schedule a short call to get more details and context? Have a great day! Katerina

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    Hi Katerina,

    Of course, we would be more than happy to connect with you and schedule a short call to delve deeper into the details.

    Please feel free to reach out to us when you're ready to schedule the call at [email protected], and we'll be prompt in setting it up at a mutually convenient time. We look forward to the discussion.

  • Thank you @AppMonks !😎