PLG support in Pipedrive

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Looking for a recommended workflow to support PLG in Pipedrive - for example how do you handle scoring on inbound "signups" - do you do the scoring on contacts vs leads? How are you capture usage - do you use custom fields?


  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, @Deveaux!

    If one of the key benefits to PLG is increased customer acquisition at a decreased cost, and as per what I understand from your message, perhaps implementing webforms to your website and bring Leads directly to your Pipedrive account might be helpful - such as other lead boosting features included in our Leadbooster add-on.

    When it comes to Lead scoring, Pipedrive does not do this directly, but we have great integrations that can help - Outfunnel and Salespanel are good examples!

    I hope this helps, but feel free to reach out to our Support Team for further details if needed :)