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Hello All,

I'm curious if there is an optimal method for managing customers' "accounts" after a deal has been won. We are a company that sells cosmetics B2C and also B2B. We primarily use Pipedrive for managing our B2B sales, but once we make the first sale, we struggle to find an optimal way to stay on top of their accounts and manage our interactions with them to ensure that once they purchase, they aren't being forgotten about. Everyone has said to make a new pipeline with different stages, but this isn't the cleanest way to accomplish this, but rather a band-aid solution. This problem grows as the number of new retailers grows. It would be nice if there was a section on Pipedrive dedicated to staying on top of account management to ensure we are (for example) checking in with customers for reorders, new product announcements, etc... all within Pipedrive. If anyone at Pipedrive will read this, it would also be especially nice if there could be a direct integration with Shopify, as this is the e-commerce platform we use. I understand Pipedrive had an account management beta test that closed. Is there any plan to integrate this concept soon?

Thanks y'all.



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    Hi Andrew,

    You can use zapier. Shopify Decoupling of Zapier is available, you can build a bridge between them.

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    I understand we can use Zapier to bridge Shopify and Pipedrive, but this isn't the main need. The main need is a sophisticated and efficient way to manage accounts once a deal is won. In my mind, customer relationship management should include customers post-sale. Ongoing maintenance of existing customers is equally if not more important than new customers. I wish Pipedrive had a solution for this that didn't feel like a "work-around."

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    @AndrewTheodent Instead of creating new pipelines, you should simply add new activities as reminders to follow up with won deals. If they are interested in buying more, you create a new deal in the same pipeline.

    For Shopify integration, best to rely on something like Zapier or Make/Integromat.