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Vinutha Kolli
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Pipedrive is a great tool, it needs a few additions that will improve the UX.

Deals / Projects are completed by Multiple Team members. It's never 1 person's show. Now that we have multiple team members involved then we need all their contact info available as part of the Deals / Projects / Email Template For Customization & Automation of Emails.

  1. Participants should be either common / Independent between deals / Projects. Users should be able to add multiple participants based on need.
  2. Participant data need to be accessible from the Email Templates. Participant Name, Email, Phone #, Company, Job Role.
  3. Deal data (Including Custom fields) Should be accessible from "Project Email Templates", We already have Deals being linked to Projects. Is there a reason why the deal data cannot be accessed from the project's email Templates?

Please Let me know what you think.

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  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, @Vinutha Kolli!

    Thank you for your suggestions. I will share them internally so that they can be considered for future improvements.

    In the future, you can share your ideas/suggestions directly here so that they can be directly visible by the product team.

    Thank you.


  • Vinutha Kolli
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    As I reviewed Automation, I could clearly Field type "Person" is already pulling the Name, Email, and Phone # (As per Deal Data table, when custom field) and these data are available on Deal to be used as part of Automation. If this is the case, This is an easy UI Flow update when we add a custom Field type "Person" the System needs to add 3 Grouped Fields and provide an option for the user to display the Needed data.

    Similarly to this, these fields need to be available in Email Templates. We need Consistency in the design and feature build-out. Hope Product managers pay little more attention in the area of Consistent Development Standards.

  • Vinutha Kolli
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    • NEW SUPPORTED FIELDS - in "Automation" Looks like these are new additions.
    • Pipeline name and stage name fields can now be used in merge fields.
    • Person custom fields: Name, email, and phone.
    • Organization custom fields: Name, address, and people count.
    • User custom fields: Name and email.

    The same need to be added to Deals, Projects View, When the Field type "Person" is selected for a custom field thus opening up an option for the users to select/unselect what fields they would like to use from this Group. This will avoid so many headaches.

  • Vinutha Kolli
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    @Leonardo Zimmermann Thank you for your time and quick reply. I'm on the Fence to subscribe for Pipedrive. If these suggestions are valid, What is the probability/timeline at which these issues can be addressed? One other area is Document Management, How can I get some advice on Document management before I can make a decision to subscribe?

    I'm hearing Project is a newly developed area in Pipedrive, What is the pace of bug fixes Vs Product Improvements? There are a few trivial bugs that are low-hanging items that can be quickly fixed. Just want to know before I jump on the Pipedrive wagon.

  • Dan C
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    I'm not sure if this question is inclusive in the discussion above, but is there a way to create a rule in an email campaign to exclude participants of a deal?