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Steven Harris
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When opening and replying to email, all previous emails are displayed in a massive vertical thread.

90 sec demo:

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  • Bronwen Fraser
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    Agree and when I hit Reply, I'm not always sure what it going to show in the email. It would be nice if the emails were NOT in "conversation" mode and instead showed individually, or if the User at least could have a choice.

  • Steven Harris
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    I baffled at how this hasn't come up before. Seems obvious.

  • Paul Minors
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    This has been bugging me as well. I see when you compose an email, the ... ellipses hides previous replies. But when you view the email, you see all previous responses and it's a real mess.

    I would hope this is something fairly simple that Pipedrive could improve. @Mike van der Valk do you have any insight on this?

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Paul Minors thanks for the tag. I've contacted our team internally that's looking after the email functionality and passed it on. 🙏🏻