Double Product Label in one contact. Is it possible?

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Goodmorning, I'm new in Pipedrive, so sorry in advance if my question could be trivial for someone.

 I have a question about the functionality of labels. I was wondering if it is possible to assign more than one product label to 1 contact. Because in my case, I associate the label with a product bought by the customer. So in case a customer buys more than one product, I would like to report the product type with the labels.

What I would need is to be able to assign multiple product labels, to understand which type of upselling to propose to a contact.

To be more specific, I work in the tourism field: if a customer buys 1 trip to Jordan, and 1 trip to Iceland, I would like to highlight it with product labels in order to be able to set up subsequent sale automatisms.

In that case, there is an alternative way that is not using labels? 

Thanks for your help!



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    Hi @ericarossi

    In this case, if you are talking about our Label functionality, then currently for Contact people it is only possible to use a single Label. If you need to record this data as a multiple option, I suggest creating a multiple-option field under the Contact and reflecting the information there. It will not be visually that catching (no colors), but the info is then possible to reflect with multiple options. You can check out more about our custom fields here.

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    It seems that the request for multiple labelling of contacts has been pending for at least a couple of years. I find it astonishing that it is not yet available. The functionality has been added for deals, why not for contacts ?