Can you share some sort of timeline for new Projects features?

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We've been using the Projects feature for over 6 months now, and I am consistently disappointed that it seems to be an afterthought. It also seems like any further development on this feature has been deprioritized, because I have seen zero new features since we've been using it. Here's a (partial) list of things that are not supported for the Projects module:

  • Reports & dashboards
  • API access (cannot automatically export)
  • Mobile access
  • Task views other than just in projects

Is any of this coming anytime soon, or have you given up on Projects?

My latest frustration is that I can't come up with any sort of forecast for project value delivered based on activities that are connected to projects. I can't make a report about it, and I can't use any tool that automatically exports data to build my own dashboard in gsheets. The only way seems to be a manual export, which is super not ideal.


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